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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 07.09.2017] {Cielos}

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Дата: 8-09-2017, 18:16

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    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 07.09.2017] {Cielos}

    - you still took damage when being hit but you won't be killed in battle.
    - Min Health can be changed via the entry.
    - Min Health default: 50

    Damage Multiplier
    - all damage the enemies taken would be multiplied by the specified multiplier.
    - setting the Damage Multiplier to 0 would makes the enemies immortal.
    - default Damage Multiplier: x1.5, can be changed via the entry.

    Ignore Mirror's Charges
    - you can use the Mirror regardless of the remaining charges.

    Disable Auto-Centre Cam
    - when activated, the cam won't auto-adjust itself when you're moving, i.e., you can look freely when moving now.
    - not sure about how the script behave on controller, but I suppose it doesn't matter to controller user anyway.
    - **as of the latest game version (v1.02 as of this post last edited), the Auto-Centre Cam for keyboard&mouse is removed, so this script isn't need anymore. but as this script still works technically, I'll just leave it in the table for those who somehow can't update their game to the latest version...

    Mouse Cam Speed x2
    - as the name suggested, the mouse cam movement speed is doubled when activated.
    - although the multiplier can be changed by editing the script, changing it to anything other than x2 is not recommend as the cam movement would become weird.
    - **as of the latest game version (v1.02 as of this post last edited), the game allows in-game adjustment to the mouse sensitivity, thus this script isn't really necessary anymore. just leaving it in the table in case someone still thinks the mouse cam movement isn't fast enough..

    Quick Turn Key
    - when activated, press Ctrl to do a quick 180 turn.
    - it doesn't do a full 180 turn on some stages though.
    - you can choose to use other keys by editing the script, line3.

    Centre Cam Key
    - when activated, press X to centre the camera.
    - it uses CE's hot-key feature for the key-config, to change the key, activate "press X", highlight "cam va", then press Ctrl-H.
    - may implement a proper script to smooth the cam movement like the Quick Turn Key script later.. don't know.

    Photo Mode - Camera Mod
    - when activated, the script would fetch the camera coords of the Photo Mode. also allows you to activate the Vertical Camera Keys script afterwards.
    - only one script is presented after this script is activated for now. may implement a free fly cam for the Photo Mode later... not sure yet.

    Vertical Camera Keys
    - can be activated after you activated Photo Mode - Camera Mod.
    - when activated, press R to move the cam straight up, press F to move the cam straight down.

    Процесс запуска:
    1. Запустить Cheat Engine, "Load" и выбрать таблицу
    2. "Select a process to open", выбрать нужный процесс.
    3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

    Скачать Cheat Engine с нашего сервера Вы сможете здесь.

    Размер файла: 28.78KB

    Скачать hellbladegame_win64_shipping_8.ct [28,78 Kb]

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